The Sheepdogs - II. Baby I Won’t Do You No Harm (Medley)

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Streets of Laredo | Hey Rose demo (Fatboy Roadtrip)

"In the middle of a lazy East Coast, USA summer we hit the road with Fatboy Hair founder Tyson Kennedy to play a bunch of DIY shows in New England & sell hair product (Dave’s day job!). For a few brief days we lived like road-trip kings and had a blast up and down the coast. Here’s a taste of the carefree life cut to our demo of Hey Rose. Enjoy. Be happy."

Thanks Songza, for this gem!

A Soul Vaccination for your Thursday! 

What more could your desktop want?(via BAGGU Wallpapers)

What more could your desktop want?
(via BAGGU Wallpapers)

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Canadianarama jams. Happy Friday!

Wilco & My Morning Jacket - Cinnamon Girl - Americanarama (by Timothy Schmidt)

Navigating NXNE!

Around birthdays & charity galas, presenting my proposed NXNE schedule! These are (with the exception of Wannabe) all new to me live. The product of educated guesswork, Google mapping, & Youtube creeping. Suggested revisions welcome!

WEDNESDAY (I’ll be seeing This Is The End & at karaoke. But otherwise..)
8pm - Sue Newberry & The Law (Drake)
9pm: perhaps Brendan Croskerry (Monarch Tavern)?
10pm: The Honeyrunners (Silver Dollar)
11pm: Samantha Martin & The Haggard (Supermarket)
12am: Julian Taylor Band (Cameron House)
1am: Andrew Rodriguez & the Good Bad Kids (Monarch Tavern)

8pm - Darren Eedens (The Piston) (alternate call - Suitcase Sam & The Suits at Silver Dollar)
9pm - Elvyn (Drake) (alternate calls - Moon King at the Horseshoe Tavern or Stella Ella Ola at Silver Dollar)
10pm - Michael Rault (Great Hall) (alternate call - DIANA at the Horseshoe Tavern - it’s the NOW showcase so it’ll be jammed unless you get there early though!)
11pm - Coeur De Pirate (Great Hall)
12am - Mikal Cronin (Silver Dollar) (alternate call - Jane’s Party at Supermarket)
1am - Julian Taylor Band (Tranzac)
2am - The Cheap Speakers (Rancho Relaxo)

FRIDAY (I’m out until about 2am, seeing the A-Team at Bite among other things, but if I weren’t..)
10pm - July Talk (Mod Club)
11pm - Moon King (Wrongbar) (alternate call - Northcote at Supermarket)
12am - We are Scientists (Lee’s Palace)
1am - The Matinee (Supermarket) (or maybe Alright Alright at Hard Luck)
2am - ‘Special Guest’ (Blk Box) (however if you’re already at Supermarket, Almighty Rhombus looked like fun!)
3am - Wannabe: Spice Girls Tribute Band! (Blk Box)

SATURDAY (volunteering/attending a charity thing, until..)
11pm - Brazos (Great Hall) (alternate calls - Wintersleep at Dnaforth Music Hall or Shannon & the Clams at Silver Dollar)
12am - Villagers (Great Hall)
1am - In-Flight Safety (Great Hall)

The Honeyrunners - Sweet Thing (Live @ Woodbine Beach) (by The Honeyrunners)

Summer tunes. Toronto style.

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In case you wanted to know the way to my heart…

Next I would like to request Shake Ya Tailfeather by Nelly.

Not just a girl….. » Jaime Moore photography

A 5th birthday photoshoot of a little lady - instead of dressing up as a princess, dressing up as real life role models, and a future President! Brilliant.